Our humble beginnings started with a core group of families. Trailhead Cowboy Church was started in 2008 under a tree.  Less than a year later, due to circumstances out of their control, Trailhead lost its pastor while starting to look for a new direction.
Pastor Pete Pawelek, along with Cowboy Fellowship of Atascosa County, agreed to join and help launch Trailhead Church as a satellite campus. The first service was held on June 21, 2009 as Cowboy Fellowship of Wilson County. This service was held in the Industrial park just off of Hwy 87. 

building and growth


In 2013, the church bought a building and property that is now known as the home of Cowboy Fellowship of Wilson County. It didn’t take long for Wilson County to outgrow the building and plans began to be made for a new church building. 2015 brought the beginning of construction of a new church building on the same property. 2015 also brought Wilson County its first staff member as a full-time campus pastor was hired and started on Labor Day weekend of 2015.  The new church building was finished, and the first church service was held on December 17, 2017.

Moving forward


Cowboy Fellowship of Wilson County after much prayer decided that the best way to serve Wilson County was to separate from Cowboy Fellowship and become its own stand-alone church. Today, the church is known as Wilson County Cowboy Church and is led by Pastor Chris Kirkham. In 2023, the church expanded the original building to make room for its growing children's ministry.

what we believe...

As an affiliate church of the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches our beliefs are in alignment with the organization.


There is only one God.
He always was and always will be.
He reveals Himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


God as “our Father in Heaven” is our Deliverer, our Healer and our Provider.
He is Father to the fatherless and the One to whom we pray.


Jesus Christ created all things in the beginning.
He later came to earth to purchase mankind back as our Redeemer (through His death, burial and resurrection),
restoring the relationship with God for all who believe in Him.


The Holy Spirit draws all people to Jesus Christ,
resides in all who receive Christ as their Savior
and guides children of God through life’s journey to Heaven.


The Bible is God’s Word for mankind, illuminated by the Holy Spirit.
 It contains everything needed for life and godliness. It is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.
God’s Word is also the sword of the Spirit, our only offensive weapon in the full armor of God, to stand against the devil's temptations and attacks.


God created man, both male and female, in His own likeness and image.
Man was given the earth to rule over and subdue, but chose to disobey and fell short of the glory of God,
becoming spiritually separated from God.


Mankind has been separated from God by sin and the wages of sin is death,
but Jesus died on our behalf that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.
Salvation is a gift of God’s grace through our faith in Jesus Christ.
Salvation comes with God’s assurance that we know we have eternal life
and that no one can remove us from the security of His hand.


Baptism is a demonstration of what has spiritually taken place in the life of a believer in Jesus Christ,
identifying with Christ’s death (to our old ways), burial (down into the water), and resurrection (up from the water).
Baptism represents both Christ’s resurrection from the tomb and the resurrection of all believers yet to come.


The church is the body of Christ working together
to spread the message of salvation
and to equip God’s people for service in the Kingdom.


Everything that we are and possess comes from God
 and has been given to us to care for while we are on the earth.
We give back to God’s work through the local church
so that the message of salvation through Jesus Christ may multiply across the land.


In Christ, we are members of the Kingdom of God,
yet are presently walking on this earth as strangers and aliens in a foreign land,
eagerly looking forward to the coming kingdom at the end of this age
with the return of Jesus Christ.

pastor chris kirkham

Pastor Chris Kirkham, along with his wife and family joined the Wilson County Cowboy Church family in September of 2015.

 Pastor Chris is originally from Tennessee and moved to Texas in 2013 and began riding pens and working in feedlots.  He began attending Cowboy Fellowship church in Pleasanton with his family and very quickly got involved with the arena ministry there.  After working in the arena for a couple of years, he felt the urge to do something bigger to further the Kingdom.  After much prayer, he applied for the campus pastor position here at WCCC. After studying under Pastor Pete Pawelek from Cowboy Fellowship and receiving his Certificate of Ministry from Truett Seminary in 2019, Pastor Chris was ordained in the fall of 2020.
He is now the full time senior pastor here at Wilson County Cowboy Church.


How can we pray for you today?

"And this is the confidence
 that we have toward Him,
that if we ask anything
according to His will He hears us."

1John 5:14